Yesterday was our anniversary and the two month and counting mark!  I must admit, as much as I wanted to avoid the “bridezilla” status, I think I have failed to do so.  Hi, my name is Kathy and I am a bridezilla (on occasion).  However, I am relieved and happy to announce that we have finally secured our officiant and florist, which were the last big things we needed to contract for.  Now my focus is on bringing all the little things together and making it complete!

Since it was a double celebration yesterday, I promised I wouldn’t be a bridezilla so long as Matt took me to a nice dinner!  Spoil me with food and I will be happy.  Unfortunately, our dinner plans were ruined by the escapee who is on trial for second degree murder.  Hello Mr. Escapee, we live on an island; there’s only so far you can go until you’re caught.  As the restaurant we planned on eating at was in the near vicinity to the escapee’s hideout, we thought better not chance it.  We ended up getting take out from Zia’s and eating at home.  The meal was still delicious and we could enjoy it in the comfort of our own home with a nice glass of wine (well, two glasses of wine actually and some beers — don’t look at us like that, it was a celebration)! ;)

Anniversary Dinner | Happy 2 Months & Counting

Anniversary Dinner | Happy 2 Months & Counting

Let the countdown begin or do I dare say, let the madness begin!  The next 2 months leading up to our big day will be busy busy busy, but together we can do it and it will all be worth it!  SO EXCITED!  We will see you soon 4/20!!!

P.S.  They did catch the escapee last night after about 12 hours of searching!