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April 2012

Wedding Expo 04.27.12

Doors open at 6pm! Obviously this will be our first time attending a wedding expo!  I’m excited but also a little distracted and more excited about other pre- and post- expo events: 1) getting the Kat Mobile (camry) washed by… Continue Reading →

The Perfect B(oil)J!

Boiling eggs seems like it should be the simplest thing to do.. but it really isn’t!  If you overcook the egg, the yolk with become a dark ugly color.  If you undercook the eggs, it will be hard to peel.  Doing… Continue Reading →

What’s good for your heart?!

Beans Beans “they’re good for your heart!” … the more you eat the more you fart, the more you fart, the better you feel… so what?! Eat beans with every meal!!!! I don’t know about you, but I *heart* beans!… Continue Reading →


1st entry on koheartsfood, 2009   I started up a food blog in 2009, http://koheartsfood.blogspot.com/!  At that time, I was a very amateur blogger; my first entry consisted of only 3 sentences!  Since then, I’d like to think I’ve gotten better at… Continue Reading →

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