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pre-wedding fun

Bridal Shower!

This past Saturday my awesome bridal party threw me a bridal shower!  How come girls get a bridal shower and a bachelorette party, but boys only get a bachelor party?!  Not that I’m complaining! It was A LOT of fun! … Continue Reading →

Mathy42013 Wedding App!

For all you engaged folks, I highly recommend downloading The Wedding Party App!  It is a great tool for guests to use and capture the special moments at your wedding.  Not to mention, it is simple to use – just… Continue Reading →

Photobooths are FUN!

Bottom line: Photo booths at any event are FUN! We attended several of our friends weddings that had photo booths and they are always a hit!  People get to pick their props, do four different poses and keep a copy… Continue Reading →

The Road to 1,001 Cranes!

Maybe you remember my very first crane post, “1 down 999 more to go!”.  At that time, I was very gung-ho and excited to start folding all these cranes.  I set a deadline of finishing by December, which would be… Continue Reading →

Exactly 31 Days & Counting!

Ready. Set. Go! Only one month left and it’s time to let the countdown begin!  Ahhhhh the stress coupled with anticipation and excitement is almost unbearable.  It’s nice to see all our hard work over the past year coming together… Continue Reading →

Meet Merryl

To get a day of coordinator or not to get a day of coordinator… That was the looming question for so long, but I finally gave in and got one!  Everyone that I tell – caterer, photographer, friends – say… Continue Reading →

The Dreams Continue…

And the dreams, or shall I say wedding nightmares, continue… Last night I dreamt it was the big day and I just got to the hotel to get ready.  When I opened the door to my room, I was surprised… Continue Reading →

Two Months and Counting…

2.20.2013 Yesterday was our anniversary and the two month and counting mark!  I must admit, as much as I wanted to avoid the “bridezilla” status, I think I have failed to do so.  Hi, my name is Kathy and I… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Invitations!

In my last post, “Improvising the Invites!” I jumped the gun.  The 3 part assembled invite weighed only 0.9 ounces.  Who knew that adding an envelope would push the weight over the first class limit?!  I was so bummed; now… Continue Reading →

Improvising the Invites!

There are so many invitations to choose from; it is quite overwhelming. From picking the colors, paper type, font, paper weight, monograms, belly bands, verbiage, map, RSVP, jewels, pocket fold, tri-fold and so on and so on — it’s so… Continue Reading →

Bloated Bride

I stumbled upon this article from Pinterest, which if you are not on Pinterest, you should definitely join!  It is a wonderland of foodie pics with recipes, fitness workouts, memorable quotes, to die for animal faces, DIY crafts, gardening tid… Continue Reading →

Bridal Expo Time!

Do I dare attend the Hawaii Bridal Expo this coming weekend, January 18-20?  I imagine a bunch of bridezillas- some bringing along their besties and others dragging along their fiance- zig zagging through the crowds trying to find the best… Continue Reading →

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