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Thank you, Kuma

Saying goodbye is never easy, but sometimes it’s the best choice to make. I had to be strong yesterday as I bid farewell to one of my best friends, my baby girl Kuma. We’ve made many memories together these past… Continue Reading →

Maui Bound!

Last weekend, we island hopped to the beautiful island of Maui! It’s been nearly 10 years since we last visited.  This time around, I made sure we did things we never experienced before. First up was the road to Hana,… Continue Reading →

Charity Walk 2018!

This past weekend we joined the 40th Annual Visitor Industry Charity Walk! 5.25 miles of walking and eating our way through Waikiki.  Getting up the same time as a regular work day on a Saturday was the pits, but it… Continue Reading →

Happy 5 Years!

Another year passed! I have to admit, I lied in my 4 year anniversary post. I said our 5th year anniversary will be extravagant; I’m already planning it. With me though, planning and actually doing are two totally separate things!… Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Camry!

This weekend, I bid adieu to my very first car! Purchased from my friend’s grandparents, this Camry was so good to me all these years. For one, it was such a great deal with less than 20,000 miles! I added… Continue Reading →

PaintNite Fun!

Not sure if you’ve seen the Groupon or Living Social deals for PaintNite, but it seems to be the popular thing to do these days.  PaintNite is a fun way to tap into your creativity and create a work of… Continue Reading →

Biki Adventures!

Biki is the latest craze in Hawaii. It’s a rental bike system throughout Honolulu. Even though I haven’t rode a bike in ages and none of us own a bike, Mimi had the bright idea of doing a Biki adventure… Continue Reading →

The Scariest Thing

A day before my 34th birthday, we were rudely awakened by our phone emergency alert saying, “Ballistic missile threat inbound. This is not a drill.” I honestly put my phone back down, one because I was a little hungover and… Continue Reading →

2017 Recap

To be honest, 2017 seemed a bit mundane, but it was still a great year! We had a big list of goals and although we didn’t reach all of them, here’s some we did achieve or at least partially achieved:… Continue Reading →

Jingle Rock Run!

I’ve always wanted to participate in the Jingle Rock Run benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation and this year I made it one of my goals, “do at least 3 charitable things in 2017!” Even though we had to check… Continue Reading →

Flying 850 Feet!

When I saw the Groupon offer for parasailing with x-treme parasail, I knew right away who I wanted to go on this adventure with! My bestie! I’ve been racking my brain every birthday and Christmas thinking about what to buy… Continue Reading →

Of Legal Age (In Human Years)!

Luna celebrated a momentous day!  On October 7th, she turned 3 or rather 21 years old in human years!  She is now of legal age to drink!  Too bad she’s a dog and can’t enjoy the human pleasures of drinking… Continue Reading →

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