This weekend, I bid adieu to my very first car! Purchased from my friend’s grandparents, this Camry was so good to me all these years. For one, it was such a great deal with less than 20,000 miles! I added about 50,000 miles to that.

My means to/from work and a handful of partying nights, this car left me with many good memories!

Even though it was deemed a “granny car with sheepskin seat covers” – it got the job done! I still remember one day driving home, some random person pulled up next to me and asked if I was sellling it.

Maybe I should’ve sold it when I had the chance, but now it’s going to a better cause. Donated to Kidney Cars, I hope it will help raise money for The Kidney Foundation’s efforts in Hawaii.

Thank you, Camry, for everything!

You were a good car.