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Maui Bound!

Last weekend, we island hopped to the beautiful island of Maui! It’s been nearly 10 years since we last visited.  This time around, I made sure we did things we never experienced before. First up was the road to Hana,… Continue Reading →

Big Island Weekend Getaway!

I make every effort possible to go on at least one trip a year.  Since we’re already nearing the last quarter of 2017 and I didn’t plan anything extravagant, we decided to go on a spontaneous trip, a whole 30… Continue Reading →

Adventures to Lanai

I like to use the mighty Dalai Lama’s quote as an excuse to travel! Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before!  Since 2012, we traveled someplace new each year: New York, Europe and Florida!  I was determined to… Continue Reading →

L & A Wedding 05.17.14

The two lovebirds, Lauren and Alan, have been together since 2001!  They’ve been on the same long road that Matt and I were on!  A road that albeit very long, is without a doubt worth every second.  And yes, while… Continue Reading →

2014 Adventures Begin!

It is only ten days into 2014 and already there are new excitements brewing! In my most recent post, I wrote about the Honolulu Marathon!  Perhaps right after finishing a 26.2 mile race, you won’t want to jump back on… Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Planning!

I am determined to go on a “real” honeymoon within our first year of marriage. I think it is a must and if we don’t go on one now, we never will. Once life (i.e. kids) happens, you dedicate all… Continue Reading →

The Mini Moon

I hear it is customary to give a gift to your husband on the wedding day.  I wanted to do something nice for Matt and thought how about a mini get-away to Kauai.  It was perfect- he has never been… Continue Reading →

Adventures in “The Big Apple” 2012!

First time to the east coast and first time to New York!!! A few things learned: A straight 10 hour flight is LONG, so make sure you get the aisle seat, especially if it is an overnight flight.  Mid flight,… Continue Reading →

To New York, Or Not To New York

That is the question! New York, New York the city so nice they named it twice!  I have never been to the East Coast before, but the perfect opportunity has presented itself to me and it is hard to turn… Continue Reading →

Old Stomping Grounds: OR 2012!

Tuesday 7/24: Red Eye Flight from HNL to PDX! I am so excited to use my new, nifty suitcase that spins 360 degrees! It is the first suitcase I ever bought by myself and boy do I feel proud! We… Continue Reading →

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