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March 2012

My Bridal Party!

I love everyone and if I could, I probably would have had 10 girls, but we all know that is not realistic and really, who has that kind of money?! So here are my ladies whom I am so lucky… Continue Reading →

Chapter 3: Engagement 02.28.12

Tuesday 02.28.12 Driving home from work, Kathy suggests getting a Red Box movie because she has a free dvd rental coupon. Standing at the Red Box machine, all the movies Kathy wants to watch are rejected: Bridesmaids (NO), Dolphin Tale… Continue Reading →

Chapter 2: Anniversary Hike Take 2

Well as you know, “anniversary hike” was a bust … but Matt wasn’t going to give up that easily. mm: please take vacation on 2/29 ko: why should I take vacation? mm: please take off ko: why, what’s going on… Continue Reading →

Chapter 1: Engagemen…Anniversary Hike

sometime before 02.20.12 mm: i would like to take you on an anniversary hike. ko: okay! (hmmm…that’s odd… he never says he wants to go hiking; more so on an anniversary hike o_O) monday 02.20.12 (our anniversary) mm: let’s kayak… Continue Reading →

Who is Gilbert?

Gil’s Story We were getting ready to go to the softball game (we = me, Mark, my dad, and Nish…oh wait…just me, Mark, and my dad) and I remembered seeing a softball in the alley outside the front door. I… Continue Reading →

Can’t Believe Mathy.com Was Taken!

Matt and Kat have now entered the blogging world; welcome to kat-n-mat.com! I cannot believe how difficult it was to pick our domain name!  We were rejected so many times with “not available”.  I mean, it’s not our fault our… Continue Reading →

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