This past weekend we joined the 40th Annual Visitor Industry Charity Walk! 5.25 miles of walking and eating our way through Waikiki. 

Getting up the same time as a regular work day on a Saturday was the pits, but it was worth it and all for a good cause. Plus who doesn’t want to wake up early for free food! 

I’ll jump out of bed for DoubleTree’s famous cookie! Halekulani’s dish was also one of the best – mini crab sandwiches. Other foods included mini tacos, chicken salad, spam musubi, watermelon, pineapple and much more! 

Now now, it wasn’t a full meal. They’re all snack size so don’t look at me like I’m a little piggy haha! 

We also ran into the hubby’s cousin who was cheering on all the walkers! Thanks for your support Kamehameha cheerleaders! 

Kamehameha Cheerleaders!

Kamehameha Cheerleaders!


It was a fun filled morning with good friends at a great event. Note to self, order the correct size shirt next time! I got a medium so I could use it as a sleep shirt completely forgetting that I also need to walk in it. 

Until next year charity walk!