It is rare that I want to eat Lau Lau, but when we were grocery shopping the other weekend, I saw that it was on sale at Safeway for only $9.99 (which after-the-fact, I found out isn’t even a very good sale price).  Thinking it was a good buy and actually craving Hawaiian food, I bought it and couldn’t wait to eat it.

Days passed and we finally decided to make it!  Our plates are set and ready to eat – one scoop of rice and one Lau Lau each!  We bust it open and are flabbergasted… Where is the Kalua pig?!  Where is the butter fish?!  Where is the FAT!?  All we see is one lone orange carrot, one huge chunk of sweet potato and one shriveled up green bean, all of which are not even on the ingredient list.

Excuse me, where is the pork?!?!?

Excuse me, where is the pork?!?!?

NOOOOOOO, this IS NOT Lau Lau!!!!!   Utter disappointment can be seen through our frowning faces  =(

As I was too irritated to talk to someone on the phone, Matt called Safeway to explain the problem.  After the second try, we are finally connected to a customer service representative, who said we can just come back in and get a refund.  We down our beer and head to Safeway for our money back!  Apparently a veggie Lau Lau really does exist and we assume, something went wrong within the packaging assembly line.  I think we were the second complaint they received, because after our transaction was done, I heard the representative say to hold all Lau Lau packages.  Refund initiated and successful!

Be assertive!

Until we meet again, Lau Lau | Please do not disappoint us next time