And the dreams, or shall I say wedding nightmares, continue…

Dream dream dream, all I do is dream dream dream

Dream dream dream, all I do is dream dream dream

Last night I dreamt it was the big day and I just got to the hotel to get ready.  When I opened the door to my room, I was surprised to see my grandparents there, which in the back of my mind I thought was odd because they passed away already.  None the less, I was ecstatic to see them and say “HI.”  As I entered, I also saw my aunty on one of the beds getting a massage (just a little weird, but I ignored it).  They carried on as is and the hairstylist and makeup artist arrived and we started getting ready.  As the bridesmaids were getting all dolled up, I thought I should take photos!  But I exclaimed in disappointment, “NOOOO my camera battery is dead.”  My sister to the rescue proclaims, “don’t worry, I have the charger here!”.  Unfortunately, not only is my battery dead, but I forgot the camera at home!  “NOOOOOO” I scream, until I realize, “wait, I have THIS!” and I hold up my iPhone!  Problem encountered.  Quick thinking.  Problem solved.  I started to smile again.

I actually woke up feeling happy!  I suppose this dream wasn’t so bad.  It was enlightening to see that I found a solution to a little problem.  That’s what I need to bear in mind as I encounter such obstacles.  Stay focused and find a solution!


On the bright side, Matt also had his first wedding nightmare!  Welcome to the club; now I’m not the only one har har har!  His dreams are a little different from mine though.  He dreamt that he was having so much fun at the wedding he passed out and woke up the next day at his parents house!  Now, if you know Matt… this very well could happen!  If he drinks too much he gets very very sleepy.  Let’s just hope this doesn’t happen on the wedding day!  I just thought it was funny that he finally had his first wedding dream!  HOORAY!