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January 2018

Biki Adventures!

Biki is the latest craze in Hawaii. It’s a rental bike system throughout Honolulu. Even though I haven’t rode a bike in ages and none of us own a bike, Mimi had the bright idea of doing a Biki adventure… Continue Reading →

The Scariest Thing

A day before my 34th birthday, we were rudely awakened by our phone emergency alert saying, “Ballistic missile threat inbound. This is not a drill.” I honestly put my phone back down, one because I was a little hungover and… Continue Reading →

2017 Recap

To be honest, 2017 seemed a bit mundane, but it was still a great year! We had a big list of goals and although we didn’t reach all of them, here’s some we did achieve or at least partially achieved:… Continue Reading →

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