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February 2013

Two Months and Counting…

2.20.2013 Yesterday was our anniversary and the two month and counting mark!  I must admit, as much as I wanted to avoid the “bridezilla” status, I think I have failed to do so.  Hi, my name is Kathy and I… Continue Reading →

Lau Lau Recall!

It is rare that I want to eat Lau Lau, but when we were grocery shopping the other weekend, I saw that it was on sale at Safeway for only $9.99 (which after-the-fact, I found out isn’t even a very… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Invitations!

In my last post, “Improvising the Invites!” I jumped the gun.  The 3 part assembled invite weighed only 0.9 ounces.  Who knew that adding an envelope would push the weight over the first class limit?!  I was so bummed; now… Continue Reading →

Improvising the Invites!

There are so many invitations to choose from; it is quite overwhelming. From picking the colors, paper type, font, paper weight, monograms, belly bands, verbiage, map, RSVP, jewels, pocket fold, tri-fold and so on and so on — it’s so… Continue Reading →

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