Out with the old…

Mahalo Civic Si


Mahalo for your civic duty over the past five years Civic SI! Matt will miss driving a manual car, but I am ecstatic that this next one is automatic! Now we can both drive it. Some say, learning how to drive manual is a valuable asset. I don’t disagree, but I remember the first time I tried to drive a manual car at the bowling alley, I almost hopped the curb! Not to mention, the second time I tried in an empty parking lot, Matt called me “bucking bronco.”  It’s been fun, but now it’s time to move on to bigger and better things!

In with the new…

Hello BMW


Welcome to the Mathy residence, BMW.  I am debating whether Matt’s coworker, Kevin, is a good or bad influence on Matt. I think it is slightly because of him that Matt wanted a new car! Kevin has gone through many cars over the years- BMW to Mercedes and now an Audi! Only with this last car was Matt sparked to get a new (used) one himself! This is the outcome…. Hello 2007 BMW!  Isn’t she a beauty?!?!!!!

A new year, a new (used) car … What’s next?!?!?!?