I had a light bulb moment today!  01.06.13 was a triple “W” Sunday!

W. = Work

W. = Wedding planning

W. = Workout

I went to work from 6am to 1pm.  Came home and looked up wedding invitation ideas.  Then went on the elliptical for a 20 minute workout!  It would actually be a quadruple “W” had I gone to Wicked with Matt today, but I went already went with my mom and sister!

My one wicked eye at WICKED!

Anyways, I realized, that EVERYDAY could be a triple W day!  That’s how I’m going to get things done!  Work hard seven days a week, plan hard so this wedding can all come together by 04.20.13 and workout daily so I can be prepared for the Honolulu Marathon come December!

I’ll be honest, I probably don’t have the stamina to workout everyday just yet.  Some days I’m just dog gone pooped, but it’s worth a try right!

To end this, here are 5 W’s in life:

The 5 W's of LIFE