Happy New Year!

The final hour and minutes of 2012 was spent in the bathroom keeping my pup company.  Oh how she hates fireworks! I think she learned from Buddy, who was also deathly afraid of fireworks.

Happy New Year 2013!

2013 is going to be a GREAT year, full of exciting new changes and challenges.  Of course, the biggest change will be getting married and becoming a Matsukawa.  EEKS, time is creeping up faster than I am ready.  It is time to get our butts in gear and become bride- and groom-zilla! This wedding is going to go off without a hiccup.  Going off without a hiccup may be somewhat of a challenge, but I have faith that we will get everything done (on time) and it will be our perfect day.

Another challenge I just took on was registering for the Honolulu Marathon, which is a 26.2 mile run!  It will be a major feat in my last year of my twenties! I have just under a year to train so wish me luck or just call me crazy!

Since 2013 is my last year in my twenties, I vow to make it the most memorable year yet!!

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