I kicked off Matt’s birthday week with a pizza delivery to the softball field!  They had a double-header so I thought I would be nice and surprise the team with some pizza, since it’s one of Matt’s favorites!  Apparently Monday’s at Pizza Hut is BOGO!  What a deal!  Note to self: don’t order softball boys a vegetarian pizza!  Only one slice was gone and the rest came home, even though I specifically said “don’t bring any pizza home!”  The meat lovers was completely wiped out though!  Guess I’ll have to revise my order next time – only meat pizzas…. darn these boys, eat your veggies too!!!!

On his actual birthday, we dined at 3660 on the Rise!  I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for years now, but he never took me hehe so, I decided to take him!  Needless to say, he was not disappointed!  The food and service were superb!  We decided to  be “good” and not have any drinks, so instead we went overboard on ordering food …. and it was SO. GOOD.  You had to roll us out of there!  Enjoy these mouth-watering photos!  Mmm, just looking at them (while I eat lunch) makes me hungry haha.

Ahi Katsu - cooked more well done just for me ;)

Ahi Katsu – cooked more well done just for me ;)

Copperhead Salmon from Alaska - limited time only!

Copperhead Salmon from Alaska – limited time only!

Trio Sampler - fish, meat & chicken.

Trio Sampler – fish, meat & chicken.

Now, a birthday wouldn’t be a birthday without ….. ICECREAM!  So we went to Baskin Robbins for his favorite Mint Chocolate Chip!  If you don’t know about their Birthday Club, then you MUST sign up!  I signed Matt up because you get a FREE scoop (kids size) of icecream on your birthday!  Nothing beats free icecream!

At the end of the work week, we went to the 50th State Fair!  We haven’t been there in ages and it’s so sophisticated now!  Instead of tickets, you have an actual “fun card” that you use to buy games and food and ride rides.  Unfortunately, the only toy we won was ….. a piece of doodoo, literally!  Luna wanted to eat it since she loves poop so much!

50th State Fair

50th State Fair

All we came home with was a piece of doodoo!

All we came home with was a piece of doodoo … and Luna wanted it bad!

To end his birthday week, I planned a last-minute happy hour gathering with some friends at Haleiwa Joes!  He always says he doesn’t want a party and every year I contemplate actually listening to him.  But really, do I listen to him?  I feel like it’s my duty to plan one and that’s what I did!  Birthdays surrounded by good friends, family, yummy food and of course, me are the best!

Happy 32nd Matty!

Happy 32nd Matty!

Wishing my wonderful, amazing, awesome hubby a very happy 32nd!  He simply is the best!

It's my BIRTHday!

It’s my BIRTHday!

Happy Birthday, Matty!

Happy Birthday, Matty …. Until next year’s festivities!

Cheers to many more birthdays!