Running for fun????

Running for fun????

I’ve participated in the Great Aloha Run, an 8 mile run from downtown to Aloha Stadium.  I also did the Honolulu Marathon, twice.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me haha!  I don’t know why I did that run again – 26.2 miles for fun?!!??!  I must have been crazy; just read our story here!  I’ve also done the Visitor Industry Charity Walk because who wouldn’t be enticed to join a walk that serves amazing food along the way.  Okay, okay, maybe it is a bit counter productive, but hey, it’s for charity! :)

Now, I can also add March of Dimes Walk to my list!  On April 23rd, I participated in the March of Dimes walk for the first time ever!  My friend asked me if I wanted to join her company on the walk.  Since I keep telling myself to participate in good causes, I thought why not!  Just to give a little background information: about 380,000 babies are born prematurely each year!  March of Dimes mission is “to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.”  Please check their website to learn more!

Since I was walking, I thought I better do my part to try to raise some moolah for the cause!  Not to mention, there was a free t-shirt incentive for those who raised $100 or more!  Dangle anything free in front of my face and I’ll respond!  Thank you to my friends and family for donating; I was able to raise over $100!

The walk itself was a nice 5k stroll through Waikiki.  The best part was ALL the goodies we got at the end of the walk.  I mean the best part was helping the cause, but after that, it was all the goodies hehe.  Granted it was a random assortment of things (e.g. gum, soup, water, hand sanitizer, cookies, etc), but I was super excited because I’ve never received so many goodies after a race before.  Even after a grueling 26.2 miles, all I got was a medal, banana and malasada!

Look how many goodies I got from the March of Dimes walk!  Happy Walker!

Look how many goodies I got from the March of Dimes walk! Happy Walker!

I definitely will be participating in this walk again and hopefully others in the future.

Apologies in advance family and friends because I will be seeking donations ;)  As always, I appreciate everyone’s support!
Let’s all do our part to make the world a better place; listen to Michael Jackson’s song for motivation!

Stay tuned for my next walk…. whenever that may be….