One thing I was not ready for as a homeowner is dealing with insects, amphibians and rodents!  I’m used to the occasional cockroach, which props to me because I’m finally starting to kill them instead of calling out to the hubby every time.  If they’re big though and have wings, I won’t touch them; that’s his job haha.

Call the exterminator!

Reinforcements Needed!

In addition to the pesky cockroach, we have bigger problems at hand!  A couple uninvited guests….

I suppose I should have expected toads since we live right next to the stream, but can’t they just stay away or go in someone else’s yard.  They hop around and make little piles of poop everywhere!  When I see them smashed on the road, I think to myself “ha ha ha, that’s what you get!”  Since there’s no escaping these amphibians (unless the stream dries up), I guess the Mr. can practice his golf swing and knock them over the fence back to their rightful home!

I can survive cockroaches and toads, but to make matters worse, we also have rats and mice!  I failed to mention in my “2016 recap” the reason why our dryer broke!  Apparently, the Sears maintenance people theorized a rat peed and shorted our board.  I followed their instructions and put moth balls in the area, plugged the holes with steel wool and set a couple of rat traps.  We haven’t caught the culprit yet, but at least our dryer is still running (knock on wood), so maybe he’s moved on.

Of course the moment I thought that… guess what happened.  I check behind the outdoor fridge because our dog, Luna, keeps barking at it.  In the tiny dark corner, I spy ….. a MOUSE!  Does it ever end!?!?!  The Mr. and I tried over an hour to catch that guy, but he went into the radiator and camped out.  We weren’t giving up though.  We put everything back, set the trap with some yummy cheese and waited til morning!

They multiplied!

Gasp, they multiplied … and ate ALL the cheese!

As it turns out, our traps do work after all; we finally caught something!  Unexpectedly, instead of one mouse, there were TWO!  What the heck?!?!?!  How did two appear?!  I sure hope we didn’t catch Mr. and Mrs. Mouse.  The question is…. what do we do with them now!?!?  They are kind of cute!

To kill or not to kill… that is the question..




We pondered a long time, but as it turns out, we just didn’t have the heart to kill them.  So, the Mr. released them at a far away park.

Bye Mr. and Mrs. Mouse!

Best wishes & may you live happily ever after!