It’s cliché, but it really does seem like just yesterday we were celebrating our 2nd year of marriage!  I guess the phrase, “time flies when you’re having fun” is true after all!  While I can’t really remember all that we accomplished this past year (don’t judge me… I’m getting old haha), I do know our 3rd year of marriage has been nothing short of fun!  It’s not an extravagant life, but it is our life – one filled with great memories as we travel to new places, gather with family and friends, and engage in fun activities like hiking and cooking!  Actually I shouldn’t say hiking because Matt can never wake up in time to join.  And I also shouldn’t say cooking but rather eating!  Recently Matty has been receiving compliments that he lost weight; I joke that it’s because he doesn’t like my cooking haha!  Anyways, yes EATING is the proper word choice!

My favorites!

My favorites!

What better way to celebrate our 3 years than taking a day off of work to have fun and eat!!!  Hallelujah!  We started the day with a home cooked meal followed by giving Luna a bath!  It’s always a headache trying to lure her into the bathroom, but once shes in there, she’s very patient.  However, once she’s free …. ZOOMIES!!!!!!  If you don’t know what “zoomies” are click here: it’s when dogs frantically run about zippin and zoomin after a bath.  It really is cute and Luna is a ZOOMIES pro!

Mathy's Fishing Adventures!

Mathy’s Fishing Adventures!

After that, we packed up our things to go on a short fishing trip!  I recently got a fishing pole from my in-laws.  Granted I don’t know how to set up my pole, nor do I want to touch the bait, or unhook a fish (never had to do so yet because haven’t been lucky enough to catch something).  Regardless of all those things, I enjoy the idea of fishing and getting excited when I think I caught something and it turns out I only snagged the reef haha.  Fishing seems like a relaxing hobby and a good way to get out of the house and so, I shall take up this new hobby!  Stay tuned for Mathy’s fishing adventures!

Pizza, Pizza!

Pizza, Pizza!

Anyways, after fishing we went to Costco and tried Pieology!  I normally never suggest pizza, but since Matty loves it and this was a new concept of pizza making, I thought it would be a great place to try!  It’s similar to Subway in that you pick your bread and ingredients; here you pick your crust and toppings, which by the way is unlimited!  I had a field day and got nearly all the veggie toppings available!  You can never have enough veggies!  We ended up taking it home to eat, which was a bad idea because by the time we got home, it was cold.  Still yet, it was delicious and a wonderful accompaniment to our afternoon movie, Star Wars!  Actually, shhhhh I kind of fell asleep midway through the movie and woke up at the end to make pretend I’d been awake the whole time.  It was a great movie!  ;)

After that, we had to get ready to watch Book of Mormon!  We heard great reviews about the play and just as the reviews say, it was hilarious!  At times I thought it was a little hard to hear, but overall we both enjoyed the show.  And that concludes our 3rd anniversary day!  By the time we got home, it was way past our bedtime, but on special occasions, we make the exception to be a night owl!

Feel free to watch a recap video of our 3rd anniversary:

I’d like to end this post in memory of Matt’s Grandparents who recently passed away at the end of 2015.  They truly were the matriarchs and patriarchs of the M clan.  As much as they are missed, I’m happy to know that they’re together again watching over their entire family (which by the way, is unbelievably HUGE).  They showed us what it is to have a fulfilling life, full of love and happiness.

I can only hope we make them proud and follow in their foot steps.

With Love Grandma & Grandpa

With Love
Grandma & Grandpa

3 years strong and a lifetime more!