Boiling eggs seems like it should be the simplest thing to do.. but it really isn’t!  If you overcook the egg, the yolk with become a dark ugly color.  If you undercook the eggs, it will be hard to peel.  Doing the perfect b(oil)j (boil job) is not easy!

What is your technique?

Do you put the eggs in first, boil it, then once it reaches the boiling point, turn off the stove and let it sit there?  How long do you let it sit?

Or do you boil the water, drop in the eggs, boil longer and then voila?  How long do you boil the eggs for?

Or do you boil the eggs and then immediately after put them in ice cold water to stop the cooking?  Again how long do you boil the eggs for?

Or do you do as the almighty Alton Brown does and bake the eggs?  Yes, you heard me right.. bake the eggs and then douse them in an ice cold bath after?

Could it be as simple as an ice cold water bath that makes for a good b(oil)j?? I must try this baking eggs technique…

…To be continued