Not sure if you’ve seen the Groupon or Living Social deals for PaintNite, but it seems to be the popular thing to do these days.  PaintNite is a fun way to tap into your creativity and create a work of art you can hang on your wall, all the while eating and drinking with your best friends!

My bestie was going through a rough time since her dog recently went over Rainbow Bridge.  I wasn’t sure what to do or say to make her feel better, until this event popped up.  Splash Paint Pet Nite.  Normally PaintNite everyone paints the same exact picture, but this was a “special” event where you can submit your own photo of a pet to paint.  I felt like this was just what she needed so I bought us some tickets.  Not only would it be a good way to memorialize her pup, but we could have some fun bonding time.

And fun we had!  From a blank sketched canvas to our final piece of artwork, it was a lot of fun.

Time to paint!

Rest in love, Halo!

Finished Product |  Rest in love, Halo!

The instructor taught us some techniques to get the dripping effect.  She also had a splatter area and she made some color suggestions, none of which we listened to…..

We don't follow instructions well...

We don’t follow instructions well…

While everyone else was making colorful doggie paintings, we just couldn’t do it.  Call us chicken, but our dogs are black!  How do we turn a black dog colorful?  I did enjoy all the colorful paintings though; they’re so vivid and bright.  You can see the other participants paintings on Facebook.  Next time, I may work up the courage to be colorful!

For now, although we may not have followed instructions and two of our paintings are not like the rest, we wouldn’t trade our drawings for the world!  We also realized, we smile just like our dogs.

Doggie smiles match human smiles!

Doggie smiles match human smiles!

I’ll end with this snippet I saw my friend share:

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No doubt about it, dogs make the world a better place!