Tuesday 7/24: Red Eye Flight from HNL to PDX!

I am so excited to use my new, nifty suitcase that spins 360 degrees! It is the first suitcase I ever bought by myself and boy do I feel proud! We check in, grab dinner and I contemplate having a beer… they are sitting ever so pleasantly amongst the OJs and green tea! My contemplation is quickly extinguished as I see it is $7 for a Heineken! Who are they foolin’

Time to board…. bye bye Honolulu…

Bye Bye HNL

Wednesday 7/25: Hello Portland!

I grab my new, nifty bright blue 360 degree spinning suitcase off the belt and what do I find?!?! A missing zipper!  WTH! My face turns red, steam blows out of my ears and fire through my nose! I’m so angry!  (Fast forward, after returning back home, I called Macy’s  and they said to bring it in and they’ll replace my luggage! Yippee. Angry Kathy difused *phew*)

Wednesday activities included a 7 mile hike to Ramona Falls, which I found on my friend Royce’s site.  After traveling for many a miles with one bottle of water, we finally reach our destination only to find it does not look exactly as I pictured. None-the-less, I can say I’ve been there and tackled a 7 mile hike! We completed the day with of course, nothing but the best… Red Robin… Yummmmm!  :)

Ramona Falls, OR

Thursday 7/26: To the Coast for CHEESE!

After an hour and a half of driving (poor Matt), we finally arrive at Tillamook Cheese Factory! I can hardly contain my excitement!  Cheese + Icecream = Heaven!  We make 2 rounds of free cheese samples and we probably should have gone for round three, but we contained ourselves.  The highlight of our day, was watching one specific worker in the factory!  Of course hair nets are required, but this guy has a special beard net too!  I do wonder about his mustache though =\

What the... A Beard Net!?!?!?

Friday 7/27: Finding our Inner Peace

Nestled in Portland, Oregon is a divine national sanctuary: “a place of solitude, peace and prayer” – The Grotto.  It was truly a calming and restful place that is both sorrowful and hopeful at the same time.

@ The Grotto

Pillars of Peace in 4 Different Languages!

Later that day was the wedding rehearsal for Taylor and Jean, followed by a night time BBQ at the park.  Time to rest up because tomorrow is the *BIG* day!

Saturday 7/28: Taylor & Jean’s Wedding Day (What we came here for!)

To sum it up: A beautiful day. A wonderful ceremony. A fun reception. An ever-lasting couple, cheers to Taylor & Jean! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

Congratulations Taylor & Jean!

After the wedding, we decided to be party animals and hit up a club with one of the other groomsmen.  It was fun but after one drink it was time to go (realizing we are old after all haha).  This here is where we would like to thank Jean’s sister, matron of honor, who we randomly ran into and she gave us a lift back to our hotel.  If not for her and her husband, we would have been stranded for probably another good hour or so waiting for a taxi!  What a relief.

Sunday 7/29: Recuperation

After a long day and many drinks from the night before, the best cure is some Qdoba, followed by a nap and then more food!!!!  Oh wait, I got ahead of myself, we did do one productive thing late that afternoon!  We visited Pittock Mansion in the nick of time; they close at 5pm and we got there about 4:30pm!  This 100 year old mansion is amazing!!!  Funny thing is their beds are unbelievably short!  I think even I would feel tall sleeping on them.  Somehow over the years, the human race has grew significantly taller but left me in the dust haha.

Qdoba, 'nough said!

Risotto balls, pizza, burger & blueberry cobbler!!!

Monday 7/30: Shopping Hustle ‘n Bustle

Seeing as how we did not buy any omiyage’s to bring back home, Monday was dedicated to rush rush rushing to find gifts!  Trader Joe’s is always a MUST!  Then we hit up Woodburn Premium Outlet for Harry & David!  On the drive back, we stopped off at Journal Graphics, who is our printing partner for Aloha Street Magazine.  I gave them some goodies and got a tour of the plant!  Great to meet the whole team  :)

Now it is time to head home… bye bye Portland!

Until we meet again~