Today, I received an email from The Knot that our wedding is in exactly 9 months, or if you prefer to count in days, 274 days!

7.20.2012 + 274 days equals 4.20.2013 and counting!  (Save the date!  Why 4/20 you ask?  Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned because that post is coming up later)

After logging into The Knot’s website….

I saw that I have 173 things “to do” and only 6 things “completed”  Actually, there are 174 things to do, once I add on folding those darn cranes!  Speaking of which, I have failed miserably to fold 5 a day per my original goal.  How many do you ask are completed so far??? …. 83!  Only 917 left… Oh boy!

See you all in 9 months!!!

Before I go though, I wanted to send a special birthday shout out to my lover and bridesmaid, Chiqui!

(We celebrated last night with Mexican food and Margaritas, our fave! )

Richie also shares the same birthday as my dear angry, Asian friend, Leonie!

(Her birthday celebration is still being planned out.. us Kaneohe girls are always late)

Happy birthday to these two wonderful ladies who make my life so much brighter! I can’t imagine a world without them by my side.  Love you to pieces~