I know I’ve only been married six months and two days, but I have to say, yesterday a new love, a new man entered my life!  Sorry Matty!  You know I still love you, but come on… I’m officially an Aunty!!!!!  There are no words to describe the feeling – If I were to try I would have to say: ecstatic, happy, extremely happy, blown away, joyous, overjoyed, flying high, on cloud nine and the list goes on and on and on and well on!!!!

Introducing my nephew, Jace!


Welcome Baby Jace!!!!!  Your Aunty Kathy LOVES You Muchos!!!!

Welcome Baby Jace!!!!! Your Aunty Kathy LOVES You Muchos!!!!

Now, I know you all thought I was a baby hater and I probably still am, but when it’s your own family everything changes!  He is a little bundle of joy and just the thought of this new addition to the family brings tears to my eyes!  I could stare at all him all day long because he makes the funniest facial expressions and when he tries to let out cries his face turns beet red and he wails for two baby wails and then falls back asleep.

Beet Red Baby!

Beet Red Baby!

He is the cutest thing in the world right now … (until he grows up and becomes a little terror haha!).  For now I will soak in every minute I can with him.

Look at the little baby!

Look at the little baby!  I’m no longer a baby hater!

I am so elated for my sister and brother-in-law.  I couldn’t be happier for the two of them and again… I can’t believe I’m officially upgraded to Aunty Status!!!!!  Don’t mind me, but be prepared to hear non-stop that “I’m an aunty!”  I want to shout it out at the top of my lungs so the whole world can hear me!  Hear me roar!

Congratulations again to my sister sister and B!

Good thing (or possibly bad thing for them) they live right across the street from me because I can walk over anytime I want and see baby!  My whole world was turned upside down and round and round and I can’t stop smiling!  I think this grin is permanently stuck to my face!

I’M AN AUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!  woohoo