The two lovebirds, Lauren and Alan, have been together since 2001!  They’ve been on the same long road that Matt and I were on!  A road that albeit very long, is without a doubt worth every second.  And yes, while it is worth every second and you don’t want to rush into anything… at the same time … a girl can’t wait forever!  So when I found out that Alan finally proposed, the first thing in my mind was HOORAY…. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!

FINALLY! after over 13 years, the day came and we got to witness L & A’s momentous moment, their big day!

On Saturday May 17, 2014, on the beautiful garden isle of Kaua’i, L & A tied the knot!  It was a breathtaking event located on the Aston Waimea Plantation Cottages!  The sound of the waves crashing on the one and only black sand beach, the breeze from the gigantic banyan tree, and the soft sun rays all made for a picture perfect wedding!

Gigantic Banyan Tree

Gigantic Banyan Tree

We were so happy to celebrate their big day with them – from the ceremony to the reception, it was a day filled with lots of love, smiles, laughter, happy tears, good food, fun games, yummy cigars (from Matt’s point of view) and awesome drinks!  It really was one of the best weddings we ever attended.

L&A Wedding Fun 05.17.14

L&A Wedding Fun 05.17.14

This wedding marked our second time attending a destination wedding!  Of course, this one wasn’t nearly as far as travelling to Orlando, Florida, but it was still going from one island to the next, so it counts as a destination wedding to me!  It’s  been a little over a year since we last visited Kaua’i; and this time around we were looking for some new adventures, which included ATV riding!

ATV Crew

ATV Crew

We also visited the glass sand beach and made the long trek to the North Shore (1.5 hours) to see the wet and dry caves!  Let me say, Glass Sand Beach does not look anything like the photos I saw, but it was still fun thanks to this little guy…. I spy with my tiny eye…. do you see it????

I spy...... a tiny little crab!

I spy…… a tiny little crab!

Wet Caves on Kauai's North Shore

Wet Caves on Kauai’s North Shore

Kaua’i also has some massive papayas!

It's as big as my head!!!!

It’s as big as my head!!!!

This island hop adventure was a weekend filled with love and fun with good friends, truly a memorable weekend for 2014!  Congratulations again to Lauren and Alan and cheers to a lifetime of happiness!  We have a few more weddings coming up in the next couple months so be on the lookout for those posts!  Yay to all our friends getting married!