There are 5 awesome girlies in my OG highschool group of friends!  Established in 1998, we are individually kooky and when you put us together, we are out of this universe crazy!  They’re really a great group of friends and I couldn’t have asked for a better group to accept me in my transition from Kailua to Kaneohe!  We didn’t even go to our 10 year reunion (gosh that sounds old!) because we really don’t need to see anyone else when we have the best group of friends as is!

Leo's Bridal Shower 06.01.14

Leo’s Bridal Shower 06.01.14

We’ve come a long way since 1998 and now we’re all starting to grow up – first graduating college, then finding careers and now on to marriage.  This past weekend, we celebrated Leo’s bachelorette bash and bridal shower, which was a lot of fun!

Imagine 6 girls shooting guns followed by dinner and then well, we can’t say the rest ;)  But just know we all got home safely from an epic night!  If you are looking for a fun, out of the ordinary bachelorette activity – gun shooting was cool except that 3 days later, I still hear ringing in my right ear.  I’m quite proud of myself though because I hit the target pretty spot on.  Watch out boys, these girls can shoot!

Pew Pew - Right on Target!

Pew Pew – Right on Target!

The bridal shower encountered a little hiccup as the original location shut down suddenly.  However, the back up plan turned out perfect and we got a sneak peak of the wedding venue (Oahu Country Club) and the awesome view that comes with it!

The beautiful view from Oahu Country Club! (Members Only!)

The beautiful view from Oahu Country Club! (Members Only!)

In just 2 weeks we bid adieu as ‘another girly bites the dust’!  Let the count down begin to L & A’s wedding (hey, I just noticed that I recently posted about another wedding who was also L & A!  What are the odds!!!!)

Soon to be a Mrs!

Soon to be a Mrs!

Now, I did say 5 awesome girlies, but I must not forget about Walker, the man in our group!  Unfortunately, he is away from the rock we call “home,” but he will be visiting from June 26 and I am super stoked!


Walker! See you soon~