1st entry on koheartsfood, 2009


I started up a food blog in 2009, http://koheartsfood.blogspot.com/!  At that time, I was a very amateur blogger; my first entry consisted of only 3 sentences!  Since then, I’d like to think I’ve gotten better at compiling food entries.  However, over 2 years, my number of followers remained the same… a whoppin’ 2 people!

Unfortunately for my many followers, I left them hanging.  For some reason, I seem to be locked out of my blogspot account!  I cannot access it and if I cannot access it, I cannot post!  This angers me and I’m sure my followers are angry as well.

Solution: Incorporate a foodie blog into my website!  Perfection!

So… here begins koheartsfood2… 2 representing my second time around, 2 for my lucky number of followers and well, 2 since I should include Matty (Matt + me = 2)!  Explore our foodie world and find out all the haps in eating and cooking!  Ready. Set. Off we go~