I am determined to go on a “real” honeymoon within our first year of marriage. I think it is a must and if we don’t go on one now, we never will. Once life (i.e. kids) happens, you dedicate all your time to them for the next 18 years. Well, if you’re me then maybe I would say my parents dedicated all their time til I was about 24 haha! I’m spoiled like that ;)

Point being: Honeymoon. Is. A. MUST!

Take time for yourselves to bask in the newlywed light and just enjoy your time as Mr. and Mrs. That is my goal and I will succeed!

Honeymoon Destination: EUROPE!

We contemplated different destinations: Alaskan cruise, Japan, Australia… but I wanted to find one that we are least likely to visit later on down the road. Our final decision was Europe. We both never been. In fact, Matt has never traveled outside the US and furthermore, he doesn’t have a passport! I figured, since we are traveling all that way we might as well get the most of it – in THREE LONG WEEKS! This will definitely be a trip of a lifetime. (Shhhh I have yet to tell my boss that I will be gone for nearly a month! Actually, I calculated that I will only work 3 days in the month of November because this trip takes up 3 weeks and then there is Thanksgiving. What a master plan!)

These are all the spots we will be visiting! In a separate post, I will delve more into the details of the actual 21 day tour! For now, here is a quick glimpse


There is much left to do before heading out in November – some very important check list items include: book flights, get passport, change ID, buy winter attire, learn Italian/French/German and save money so we can buy buy buy!  It is already July 26 and we have just about 3 months to go!  Stay tuned because this trip is going to be EPIC :)