This past Saturday my awesome bridal party threw me a bridal shower!  How come girls get a bridal shower and a bachelorette party, but boys only get a bachelor party?!  Not that I’m complaining!

It was A LOT of fun!  We went to Waioli Tea House, which is sad to say they may be closing end of this year.  How is that possible when they’ve been around since 1922!?  It is such a quaint little place – perfect for a bridal shower.  We had our own private room, delicious food and lots of fun games.

****FAST FORWARD**** I started this post back in March 2013, but have only returned to it four months later!  This is me… taking my sweet ol time on completing things.  It’s amazing I pulled off the wedding haha!  Let’s not get started on our thank you notes.  Three months after the wedding and they’re still not done.. not one!  Slap my hand or face please!

Now, back to my bridal shower…. I feel extremely lucky to have such great family, friends and coworkers.

Castle girlies

Castle girlies



I was surrounded by people I love and I had a really great time!  We played a variety of games such as: a trivia game (which somehow my own mom beat me at it), guess how many candies there are in the jar game, drawing a bride on top a paper plate rested on your head game (that was funny and some drawings were really good and others well… eyeballs here, flowers there, shoes up here.. you get the picture), dress up the bride to be and the two moms with toilet paper and toss the ring on the banana game!  They were all super fun!

Give the bride-to-be a custom made wedding dress w/ accessories!

Give the bride-to-be a custom-made wedding dress w/ accessories!

Then it was on to opening  gifts – first of all I must say it was ONLY my family who are baby maker instigators!  Both mom and sis bought me sexy lingerie, which I must quickly hide away deep in the dresser haha!  Everyone else, knows me quite well – glasses for beer, glasses for wine and glasses for champagne!  Oh and let’s not forget the  bottle of Don Julio (tequila)!  I got a handful of other awesome gifts like kitchen gadgets and travel goodies!  I feel extremely blessed.  Too bad you only get married once, this was fun! ;)

The absolute cherry topping to this day was finding out – rather prying out the information that my sister was pregnant!  I’m going to be an AUNTY!!!!!  I can’t wait!

Well, that was the recap of my bridal shower (4 months late, sorry!)… do you wish to know about the bachelorette party?!?!?!  Dun dun dun….