90 minutes in a heated room.
26 poses, each done twice.
That is Bikram Yoga.

Bikram Yoga Butt Kicking

Bikram Yoga Butt Kicking

Groupon always has yoga coupons, so a few of my friends and I decided to try it out.  Let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger so we need to do something to try to keep fit. We thought we could keep hopping from one coupon to the next, but lately there haven’t been any and if there are, it is eligible for first time only students.  Groupon offers compared to regular membership price is SO MUCH CHEAPER! I guess they caught on to our cheap tactics haha.

At first there were four of us and then there were only three. Once the third Groupon expired though, we were left with only two troopers withstanding the heat, Ally and I. She is my yogasista!

Since there haven’t been any Groupons lately, we succumbed and bought a membership from onewith8. This one is good because we get six classes a month, which can be used either at Bikram Yoga or various other yoga classes – like power, deep relax, hot 60, core, etc and the price is reasonable ($62/month).

I realize through these yoga classes that I am probably the most sweaty girl alive. If there was a “queen of sweat” crown, I would win that hands down! I even sweat more than the guys; in fact, I sweat so much my fingers get wrinkly! Even though it is sweaty, stinky business, I can’t stop and won’t stop doing yoga!

The benefits of yoga for me are

  • a better nights rest
  • a good way to release stress and frustration
  • a helpful tool in increasing my endurance for that marathon in December
  • a good chance to see Ally since it’s so hard to get everyone together now days
  • a way to stretch and become more flexible

Yoga – you are a definite butt kicker, but one day I will conquer you and be a true yogi.  If anyone wants to stand the heat with me, I have a free one week karma card!  Come join me….