Hawaii Bridal Expo 2013

Hawaii Bridal Expo 2013

Do I dare attend the Hawaii Bridal Expo this coming weekend, January 18-20?  I imagine a bunch of bridezillas- some bringing along their besties and others dragging along their fiance- zig zagging through the crowds trying to find the best deal, getting ideas and signing up for the freebies.  Working their way through the crowd with determination, I know purses will be hitting other purses and possibly there may be some toe smashing.  I dislike large crowds.

Suck it up, Kathy and GO!

The chances of finding some last-minute deals could be well worth the purse hitting, toe smashing, bridezilla trip, right?!  I am focused and know what I am looking for, so it should be quick and painless.  If not, Matt will be right next to me suffering together.  One round around the arena and I know he will be complaining about a sore back!

Suck it up, Matt and GO!

We do what we have to do to find that photobooth and possibly a day of coordinator.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in our favor (<– guess what movie that line is from!)