It is only ten days into 2014 and already there are new excitements brewing!

In my most recent post, I wrote about the Honolulu Marathon!  Perhaps right after finishing a 26.2 mile race, you won’t want to jump back on that horse.  Most normal people would not fathom the idea of signing up for next years race immediately after… unless your name is Kathy!  Call me crazy but I want to try again and who would’ve thunk it, but Matty wants to join the race too!  It will be our first husband and wife marathon!  Let the countdown to 12/14/14 begin!

Got the shoes. Ready to run!

Got the shoes. Ready to run!

Matty and I are also blessed to be on the party of two of our bestest friends, the MK’s, wedding.  Now, the MK’s like to do things in high fashion and low and behold, their wedding will be all the way out in Disney World!  Granted, I must take the blame for this because I said when they got engaged, “OMG.  It would come full circle if you have your wedding in Disney World!  Disney World was your first trip together.  It was where you proposed.  Now it should be where you get married!”  Who in their right mind listens to me????  The MK’s do haha!  None-the-less we are thrilled to travel to a place we have never been to before, and kudos because it just so happens to be the “happiest place on earth.”  We are excited!  Can’t wait until 4/24/14 when we take off on that LONG flight~

We're ready for the "Happiest Place on Earth!"

We’re ready for the “Happiest Place on Earth!”

In addition to the MK wedding, we also have at least 3 other weddings to attend in consecutive months: May, June and July!  Wow wow wow!  We’re so honored to be a part of everyone’s big day!  Not to mention, apparently December is a very popular month to propose – I know at least two people who got engaged and one who is planning to propose soon!  Those are all secrets right now so more to come later!  Oh and let’s not forget my little munchkins first birthday will happen this year as well in October!  And and Matty and I will celebrate surviving our first year as husband and wife!  Woohoo!  Man, 2014 feels so good already!

2014 brings about new travels, health resolutions and experiences. The best part about starting the next decade of my life, the “dreaded” thirties, is that I have my husband right there by my side and without him, I couldn’t accomplish all that I do.

He's my mr. man always and forever!

He’s my mr. man always and forever!

Cheers to 2014!  Let’s get this party started!!!!!!!