That is the question!

New York, New York the city so nice they named it twice!  I have never been to the East Coast before, but the perfect opportunity has presented itself to me and it is hard to turn my head and look the other way!

Matt has a one week training in Virginia for work and him and his co-worker, Marcus, are thinking of stopping over in New York for a few days before returning home!  Little ‘ol me, could fly up for the weekend and have some adventuring fun!

I researched the airfare and surprisingly, round-trip is only $424!  What a deal right.  Now it makes it even harder to say no, BUT I feel too guilty spending this money when I am saving up and working extra hard to pay for the wedding in April.  Thus is the dilemma.

New York, New York what ever shall I do?!  *sigh*

New York, New York!