My first post in 2015 should have come right after the new year, but a girls been busy!  So, nearly a month later, we have much to catch up on!

Since it’s a new year, I believe I should talk about my “reflections” on 2014 and my “resolution(s)” of 2015 – however, I do not wish to delve into that topic just yet (I’ll save it for later), since first things first, January is my birthday month!!!!  That alone calls for a celebration and a post all to itself!  Let me indulge in my birthday festivities as my first 2015 blog post!

January 1, 1984 a beautiful baby girl was born…. ME!

31 years later – she has developed into an even more beautiful, intelligent, fun-loving woman haha!  Ok, that’s a lie, all I really want to do is show you photos of my birthday meals!  Get ready for some nom noms!

Last year Matt planned a whole big shebang for me since it was my thirtieth.  After that, he said never again so this year, we went mellow and it was still just as perfect, which included dinner at Restaurant Epic and dessert at Wings for some homemade ice cream!  Although, funny thing is I didn’t read the labels correctly and ended up getting Dryers instead of their homemade ice cream.  Oh and I also forgot my leftovers at the restaurant.  Epic fail.  But overall, it was a relaxing evening with my favorite things in the world – yummy food, ice cream, drinks and of course, the hubby!

Pigging out on appetizers for 2 people!

Pigging out on appetizers for 2 people!

Main entree accompanied with a glass of wine!

Main entrée accompanied with a glass of wine!

No meal is complete without ICECREAM!

No meal is complete without ICE CREAM!

And let’s not forget my newest love who was kind enough to give me birthday kisses in the morning!

Sweet birthday kisses from the pup!

Sweet birthday kisses from the pup!

Since my brother-in-law has the lucky opportunity to share such a special day with me, we were both born on January 14th except he’s years older, then we all got together for dinner at Phuket Thai.  If you remember, it was the same thing we ate last year too, but this time it was at the restaurant instead of take-out.  Family time always makes me happy!

I also enjoyed a complimentary lunch thanks to my work place; there were 2 other January babies in the company so we all celebrated together at Restaurant Suntory!

Nabeyaki Udon + Tempura!

Nabeyaki Udon + Tempura!

It was a wonderful birthday week filled with people I love and food and drinks that make me smile.  I couldn’t be happier.

Let’s see what year 31 has in store for me!

Happy birthday to all the January babies out there!  January rocks!  Way to kick off the new year~