Maybe you remember my very first crane post, “1 down 999 more to go!”.  At that time, I was very gung-ho and excited to start folding all these cranes.  I set a deadline of finishing by December, which would be accomplish-able if I folded at least 5 cranes a day.  Well, that didn’t exactly happen as planned – life gets in the way, sleep gets in the way, work gets in the way and as you can tell I fell three months behind.  My coworkers were afraid I would not get the job done!  But tut tut, never underestimate Kathy!  She will get the job done and I went into crazy crane folding mode!

The road to a 1,001 cranes:  May 21, 2012 – March 6, 2013

Believe it or not, one of the hardest parts of this whole project was deciding what design we wanted.  Folding cranes was just a tedious task, but fairly easy.  Now to come up with a “meaningful” design that you want displayed in your house and which you will see everyday for the rest of your life, is a much bigger task than folding the cranes itself.  Not to mention, the shape of the cranes makes the type of design limited.  So you need to take all these factors into consideration when coming up with an ultimate design you will be happy with.

Crane Design Idea

Crane Design Idea #1

Crane Design Idea #2

Crane Design Idea #2

We settled on a design (finally! FYI it is neither of the above) and it is now ready for framing!  I am excited to see the finished product.  This whole wedding is put together by little bits and pieces here and there.  You talk to designers, caterers, photographers, videographers and so forth and now as we reach the final leg of our race, we can see it all starting to come together.  It is a really rewarding feeling!

Be sure to check out or cranes displayed at the wedding (by the way, it did not teach me patience).