I am laying down the law and setting deadlines or else nothing will get done!

Unfortunately, we have been seriously slacking on writing our thank you cards for the wedding (sorry everyone).  We have the cards, but we just haven’t found the time to sit down and write them all out.  This daunting task actually closely reminds me of folding the 1,000 cranes.  I thought I could do a little each day, but well, we don’t want to take another 10 months finishing it up.  I need to pick up the pace and in order to do that, I set myself a DEADLINE: September 1.

Thank You Cards!

Thank You Cards!

Executive decision made: I am mailing out our thank you cards on September 1st!  That is my goal and I will accomplish it!

It’s funny – I was researching what is typically a good time period to send out thank you cards and some say within 3 months after the wedding (which was my original goal however it is now month 4) and other articles say within a year as long as its personal (I can’t see a year being reasonable because by then people will have forgotten that you got married).  So long as I can get them out by my deadline, then it will only have been about 4.5 months and I think that’s still somewhat reasonable.  I would have liked to get them out earlier, but hey I’m putting a lot of thought into my messages and well, after writing just one my hand gets really tired and cramped so I need to take a break.

Wish me luck – 9/1 here I come!

By the way, a light bulb went off in my head in regards to “deadlines.”  You encounter them all the time at work or school and really it should be applied to home life as well.  It sets goals and helps prioritize ones wants and needs.  Here’s some of our upcoming goals with tentative time lines:

  • Lose 10 pounds – Friday November 1, 2013 (goal: lose weight before our European honeymoon so we can put it all back on while touring for 21 days!)
  • Honolulu Marathon – Sunday December 8, 2013 (count down at this exact moment: 107 days. 15 hours. 10 minutes. 42 seconds)
  • New homeowner – within 2 years
  • and somewhere down the line – become wonderful parents like our own parents!

Now that the deadlines are set… next step is sticking to them!