Every year I get excited for a few foodie things:

  • Thanksgiving feast
  • Christmas feast – with presents!
  • Birthday feast – double celebration since my brother in-law and I share the same birthday!
  • Rice Fest – because I LOVE rice and my friend enters the spam musubi eating contest!
  • Oktoberfest – for the beers!
  • and Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is a week-long event that various restaurants, from fast food to fine dining, participate in.  They offer a special menu at a special price and it is a great opportunity to try some place new that you normally wouldn’t go to.

Thursday 11/15 – Mathy Date night @ Longhi’s

Date Night @ Longhi's Ala Moana

Normally, we only go to one dinner during Restaurant Week, but this year we decided to splurge and hit up two places!  Since 2 restaurant week dinners is a treat for us, I decided we needed to earn this reward!  I made a condition that in order to eat out, we first need to “attempt” to be productive, early Christmas shoppers!  We shopped about 2 hours before dinner and bought 2 partial presents – a semi success and dinner was delightful!

Friday 11/16 – Boyfriends Girlfriends Club @ Hiroshi Eurasian Tapas

Last year, 8 of us we went to Roy’s in Waikiki.  This year, we ended the work week with our 2nd anniversary restaurant week group dinner at Hiroshi Eurasian Tapas!  Unfortunately, we were down one lady, Moana is currently visiting Japan, but it was still a delicious 4 course meal!

4 Course Meal @ Hiroshi Eurasian Tapas

Believe it or not, I actually ate raw fish!  Not too surprising, I also finished off Takuma’s mashed potatoes!  Yes, I like to eat and I eat a lot!  Don’t judge ;)

Thank you Restaurant Week 2012 for two FABULOUS dinners.

“Food tastes better together!”

Until we meet again in 2013, I bid you adieu