A very happy birthday to our dog child, Luna!

365 Days Later | Then and Now | One Year Old!

365 Days Later | Then and Now | One Year Old!

1-year-old today (or 7 years old in human years) – she has been nothing but a handful, which we probably weren’t ready for, but none the less, we love her to the moon (which Luna means moon in Spanish) and back a billion times over!  I was so stressed out one time that I was worried the hubby regretted getting her.  When I asked him if he regrets getting Luna, he replied, “Heck no, I love Luna!” and that’s when I knew…. she was the best decision ever!

To celebrate her birthday, we baked some pumpkin treats last night!

Luna want a pumpkin man?

Luna want a pumpkin man?

I also ordered her a BarkBox.  If you don’t know what it is, please click here to find out more!  Basically, you, I mean your pup, gets a box each month filled with toys and treats.  Honestly though, I think I’m more excited when the box comes than she is.  I like surprise boxes!  I am very happy with our first box and think the value is reasonable for what you get!

Luna's 1st BarkBox!

Luna’s 1st BarkBox ($21)!

I hope Luna will have a great birthday today and many more to come!

Your crazy parents love you, Luna girl!

Luna's crazy parents!

Luna’s crazy parents!

Peace out!

Peace out!  It’s my birthday, I can be especially lazy today. Don’t judge me!