It’s that time again … one of my favorite “seasons” in Hawaii — whale season!!!!  The Humpback Whales migrate to Hawaii every December until about late April or early May!  Every year, I am adamant about seeing them either on a hike, cruise, lookout point etc.  It’s a MUST!

Normally, the extent of my whale sightings is simply whale mist.  Not exciting at all!  Interesting fact that I recently learned though, water is released at 200 mph from the whale’s blowhole!  That’s insanely fast!  Imagine getting caught in there and shooting into the air.  It might be kind of fun haha.

Anyways, so far this year,  I haven’t had much luck with my whale sightings.  I went hiking at Makapuu, but it was still early in the season so I think not all the whales were here yet.  Every time I go hiking at Makapuu, I make sure I have my eyeballs (i.e contacts); I learned my lesson the hard way when everyone was pointing and jumping for joy because they saw whales playing and there I was on the side trying to squint and imagine what they were pointing at.  I had forgotten my eyeballs that day, but it was the last time I would ever do so!

This year, Matt and I went on the Navatek, a whale watching cruise, for Valentine’s Day!   We have fond memories of this field trip as a kid.  The food was not as good as we remembered, but we were able to see some whales and this time not only whale mist!  I saw whale tail, hump and maybe he kind of jumped out of the water, but I was too fixated on getting the photo that I missed it!  This photo looks like it could have been something big!

Look closely!  It's a whale's tail!!!

Look closely! It’s a whale’s tail!!!

Big splash!

Big splash!

This was our most successful whale trip yet and more importantly, it was spent on Valentine’s Day with the love of my life!  I love him as much as I love whales!  AND … the season is not over yet, so you can count on me going on several more hikes in the coming months to spot these majestic creatures!  Hope to see you soon, whales!!!!  Stop hiding from me :)

I'm coming for you whales!

I’m coming for you whales!