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pre-wedding fun

Accept & Conquer Challenges!

Happy New Year! The final hour and minutes of 2012 was spent in the bathroom keeping my pup company.  Oh how she hates fireworks! I think she learned from Buddy, who was also deathly afraid of fireworks. 2013 is going… Continue Reading →

Reflections of 2012!

As 2012 draws to a close, it seems the natural thing to do is to reflect upon the year – point out the ups and downs, as well as think of resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. This is… Continue Reading →

Exactly 4 Months To Go!

Wowowowow, time is flying by too fast!  Today marks our 8th month, which means only 4 more months to go until our BIG DAY!  Sadly, our save the dates still have not gone out yet, but a design created by… Continue Reading →

Wedding Bands Arrived!

Got the call… both our wedding rings are in!  Hooray! No, that is not going to be my ring!  But guess how much it costs!  Blue diamonds are one of the most expensive diamonds in the world!  In fact, the… Continue Reading →

No More Four Eyes!

We are no longer the four eyes couple! We have transitioned to be a contact wearing couple… on occasion that is! Matt got contacts right before our trip to Oregon for Taylor and Jean’s wedding. He wanted to look spiffy… Continue Reading →

Grrrr Wrong Order!!!

I can be very one track minded at times. I found something that I really wanted to make for the wedding. My original idea was to have them as part of the favors, but doing so would require 6,000+ scrabble… Continue Reading →

40 Bottles & 40 Corks!

I came up with a cute idea for our reception table number / name card holders!  Of course, I cannot reveal my idea just yet, but all you need to know is that it involves wine corks!  40 wine corks… Continue Reading →

Photo Sesh for Save-The-Dates!

Just about nearing the halfway mark of six months to go and we finally did our photo ops with Richie! Funny thing is, we were going to take photos at Old Pali Road, but none of us knew how to… Continue Reading →

Gonna get me hair done!

If you know me, you know that I don’t own a hair dryer and the only reason I have a brush is because my mom gave it to me as a gift.  Furthermore, even though I have a hair brush,… Continue Reading →

Kathy Hulk!

Angry. Frustrated. Annoyed. Irritated. And all the other countless adjectives that are similar to this!  That is me today! I want to hulk smash someone!!! Wedding wedding wedding oh wedding!  Stop being so difficult and just fall in to place.  … Continue Reading →

Wedding Nightmares!

8 months to go and I’m already getting the ibby jibby wedding nightmares! I dreamed that I was shoe shopping and I ended up buying black, knee high boots!  BLACK BOOTS!!!????  I mean, I know I have no fashion sense… Continue Reading →

Taste Test!

One of the biggest things I am looking forward to when planning our wedding is the taste tests for food and cake!!!  I’m such a die-hard foodie! Finally, the day has come to taste test our food lineup! I can… Continue Reading →

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