The Dalai Lama knows best and he says, “once a year, travel someplace you never been before.”


With that being said, this year we had the opportunity to travel to the “Happiest Place in the World!” for our best friend’s wedding!  I suppose I can take blame that we all had to travel so far, but it only made sense to have their wedding at Disney World, since after all that was the MK’s first trip together, it was where he proposed and to come full circle you MUST have the wedding there as well.  It truly was a fairy tale wedding… complete with a carriage and everything!


Here are some snap shots from the wedding day!




I was really worried about walking in these high heels, but I successfully wore them without falling down!  I did however stumble on my dress at the top of the altar and hopefully that was not caught on tape!  Why might I add is the brides heels shorter than the bridesmaids?  She wanted to torture us, especially Didi and I since we are rarely ever caught wearing heels!

Put some sass in it!

Put some sass in it!

To view more photos from the wedding as well as pre and post wedding events, please click this link: MK2014

I’m so happy for our besties as they start the next chapter of their lives together!



May they live “happily ever after” 

I will write about our Disney World Adventures in a separate post so stay tuned!  You don’t want to miss the stories about gators, thunderstorms, heat strokes, toothless and more!