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Bye Bye Condo!

So much has been happening recently (welcoming the first baby in our group, selling the condo, friends’ weddings and more) but I just haven’t had time to sit down and blog about it! I must make time though, so here… Continue Reading →

Work Perks!

Can you believe …. I made 10 years at my job this past February!  That’s nearly 1/3 of my life *gasp* haha!  Since I work in the publishing industry within the tourism field, the company has many opportunities to attend grand… Continue Reading →

March of Dimes Walk!

I’ve participated in the Great Aloha Run, an 8 mile run from downtown to Aloha Stadium.  I also did the Honolulu Marathon, twice.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me haha!  I don’t know why… Continue Reading →

Matty’s BIRTHday!

I kicked off Matt’s birthday week with a pizza delivery to the softball field!  They had a double-header so I thought I would be nice and surprise the team with some pizza, since it’s one of Matt’s favorites!  Apparently Monday’s at… Continue Reading →

Two More Take The Plunge!

The last weekend of April was one of the biggest in our girlie history!  Another two bite the dust. First, we had the JT engagement!  What an ordeal that was.  Who goes to Tantalus, mid day, dressed up!  I didn’t think… Continue Reading →

Time Flies! Happy 3 Years!

It’s cliché, but it really does seem like just yesterday we were celebrating our 2nd year of marriage!  I guess the phrase, “time flies when you’re having fun” is true after all!  While I can’t really remember all that we… Continue Reading →

National Puppy Day!

Today, March 23rd, is National Puppy Day!  Apparently it’s like the 10th anniversary too; that means I missed this momentous day for Kuma’s entire life.  I apologize Kuma girl!  But, I won’t make the same mistake twice!  Today, we celebrate… Continue Reading →

It’s Whale Season!

It’s that time again … one of my favorite “seasons” in Hawaii — whale season!!!!  The Humpback Whales migrate to Hawaii every December until about late April or early May!  Every year, I am adamant about seeing them either on… Continue Reading →

And She’s Back….

…Annie’s back!  Annie’s back!  Annie’s back!!! It’s been almost a year since our dear friend, Annie Cakes, moved away.  Luckily, she is able to visit from time to time.  Her last visit was in March 2015 and this year she… Continue Reading →

Hello 2016!

Dear avid fans of mine (really that just means you, Aunty!) … I apologize for slacking and not posting anything lately.  I have much to catch up on – Christmas, New Years and of course we can’t forget about Luna… Continue Reading →


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Because I’m too full to type and the turkey kanak attack is starting to hit, this will be a short post with mostly photos to showcase some of the things I’m most thankful for! Family! This guy,… Continue Reading →

Halloween 2015!

While Halloween is apparently a fave “holiday” for many, I would say I’m quite the opposite. I’m a Halloween grinch. However since this would be our first time celebrating Halloween in our new place, we were on the ropes about… Continue Reading →

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