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11 Months!

To think, exactly one year ago on this day, I was doing the 31 day countdown to our big day! Today, I am doing a one month countdown to our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! That saying really is true, “Time Flies… Continue Reading →

Best Vendors

It’s been almost 5 months since the wedding and it’s safe to say pretty much everything has settled down. We went on our mini moon, are in the middle of planning our honeymoon, sent out our thank you cards, are… Continue Reading →

Signed, Sealed & Delivered!

We met our deadline!!!!!  Jump for joy everyone! Well, technically we were a day late.  I originally said September 1 was my deadline, but since the 2nd was a holiday and I knew the post office was not open anyways,… Continue Reading →

Setting Deadlines

I am laying down the law and setting deadlines or else nothing will get done! Unfortunately, we have been seriously slacking on writing our thank you cards for the wedding (sorry everyone).  We have the cards, but we just haven’t… Continue Reading →

Wedding Video!

Let’s relive the greatest day of our lives… Our wedding video has arrived! Just like our same-day-edit, Video 21 Productions, did a WONDERFUL job capturing our special day!  I couldn’t be happier! We actually received 2 copies of the DVD… Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Planning!

I am determined to go on a “real” honeymoon within our first year of marriage. I think it is a must and if we don’t go on one now, we never will. Once life (i.e. kids) happens, you dedicate all… Continue Reading →

Bridal Shower!

This past Saturday my awesome bridal party threw me a bridal shower!  How come girls get a bridal shower and a bachelorette party, but boys only get a bachelor party?!  Not that I’m complaining! It was A LOT of fun! … Continue Reading →

The Mini Moon

I hear it is customary to give a gift to your husband on the wedding day.  I wanted to do something nice for Matt and thought how about a mini get-away to Kauai.  It was perfect- he has never been… Continue Reading →

Same Day Edit, Totally Worth It!

I know photographers and videographers add up to a huge cost of the wedding, but I must say, I made the right decision in adding on the same day edit video!  Everyone told me to rank my priorities (e.g. location,… Continue Reading →

Mathy42013 Wedding App!

For all you engaged folks, I highly recommend downloading The Wedding Party App!  It is a great tool for guests to use and capture the special moments at your wedding.  Not to mention, it is simple to use – just… Continue Reading →

Photobooths are FUN!

Bottom line: Photo booths at any event are FUN! We attended several of our friends weddings that had photo booths and they are always a hit!  People get to pick their props, do four different poses and keep a copy… Continue Reading →

The Road to 1,001 Cranes!

Maybe you remember my very first crane post, “1 down 999 more to go!”.  At that time, I was very gung-ho and excited to start folding all these cranes.  I set a deadline of finishing by December, which would be… Continue Reading →

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