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Adventures to Lanai

I like to use the mighty Dalai Lama’s quote as an excuse to travel! Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before!  Since 2012, we traveled someplace new each year: New York, Europe and Florida!  I was determined to… Continue Reading →

House Sitting Duties Complete!

If you recall, sister and I sent our parents on an Alaskan cruise for their 40th anniversary!  While they were gone, I was appointed house sitter.  I think they were a bit nervous leaving the house in my hands, especially… Continue Reading →

40 Years Strong!

My mom and dad just celebrated their 40th anniversary!  40 years of marriage!  That is 14,600 days.  Is that not amazing? Statistics show 40-50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce.  To have a love and marriage that… Continue Reading →

Matty’s 31!

Each year, Matt says, “No party please” and each year, I never listen.  Although, I must admit, this year I really was contemplating about not doing anything.  In the end though, I just couldn’t help myself. It was a surprise Harry… Continue Reading →

Luna’s 1st Hike!

Bright and early on the 4th of July, Luna went on her very first hike! Of course, a hike is not complete without another human and fur friend. We met up with Ally and Saru for a 7am hike up… Continue Reading →

Luna’s Adventures!

Luna is 8 months old already!  She’s been with us for nearly 6 months and I wanted to share some of our recent adventures – both the good and the bad!  Shall we start with the bad?  Here goes…. Luna… Continue Reading →

Happy 2 years!

2 years ago I married my best friend and while I thought that day was the best day of my life, it’s only been getting better and better! We both took the day off to spend quality time together, which… Continue Reading →


Is that title hard to read?  It says, “kathy’s growing a green thumb.”  I made myself a hash tag, #kathysgrowingagreenthumb haha!  Search for it on Twitter and you can stay up-to-date on my gardening adventures! I’ve always wanted to be… Continue Reading →

Libby to the Rescue!

My name is Kathy and my puppy is a poop eater!  Ewwwww!  She used to eat it before and then stopped, so I thought I was in the clear… BUT she started it up again!  Don’t let her cute little… Continue Reading →

Thirty One Already!

My first post in 2015 should have come right after the new year, but a girls been busy!  So, nearly a month later, we have much to catch up on! Since it’s a new year, I believe I should talk… Continue Reading →

Our Newest Addition!

The steps to growing up – Rent or buy your own place – check! Get married – check! Get an animal – check! Pass on your good genes to a little one – pending! The third item on my list… Continue Reading →


What’s on your bucket list?  Could running 26.2 miles in the Honolulu Marathon be on your check list?  It was on mine and although I checked it off last year, I wanted to try again to really apply myself and… Continue Reading →

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