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And They Lived Happily Ever After…

The Dalai Lama knows best and he says, “once a year, travel someplace you never been before.” With that being said, this year we had the opportunity to travel to the “Happiest Place in the World!” for our best friend’s… Continue Reading →

GAR 2014!

Every year on President’s day, The Great Aloha Run (GAR) is held.  It is an 8 mile jog from downtown to Aloha Stadium.  This year they celebrated their 30th year!  I figured, hey you’re 30, I just turned 30 and… Continue Reading →

11 Months!

To think, exactly one year ago on this day, I was doing the 31 day countdown to our big day! Today, I am doing a one month countdown to our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! That saying really is true, “Time Flies… Continue Reading →

Rumble in the Tum Tum

WARNING: this may very well not be a post you wish to read as it is about the unfortunate outcomes of an upset stomach.  However, I don’t know why people squirm so much at the topic, when it’s a natural… Continue Reading →

Kat-n-Mat Lives On!

Good news!  To all our avid fans, which basically is one (Aunty Pam), the www.kat-n-mat.com website shall live on!  We renewed it for another 5 years!  That’s 5 more years of reading the ins and outs of the Mathy life… Continue Reading →

Birthday Girl Eats!

01.14.2014 – 30 years in the making!  When my birthday rolls around, I definitely don’t look forward to getting another year older, but I most certainly anticipate yummy birthday foods!  Here’s what the birthday girl devoured on her BIG 3-0!… Continue Reading →

A New Decade!

January 14, 2014 … On this day 30 years ago, a wonderful and beautiful little girl was born.  That girl was none other than …… ME!  Hahaha. I can’t believe I am starting the next decade of my life.  Goodbye… Continue Reading →

2014 Adventures Begin!

It is only ten days into 2014 and already there are new excitements brewing! In my most recent post, I wrote about the Honolulu Marathon!  Perhaps right after finishing a 26.2 mile race, you won’t want to jump back on… Continue Reading →


Soon we bid farewell to the year 2013 and we say adios to my twenties! The Honolulu Marathon was on my bucketlist as a way to end the year and my twenties with a BANG! I signed up a year… Continue Reading →

Surprise 60th Party!

If you didn’t already know, my dad is a twin.  Him and his brother celebrated their 60th birthday on Wednesday October 16th!  According to Japanese belief, there are certain years that are “unlucky years” for men and women.  On those… Continue Reading →

Shots, Shots, Shots!

Now, I’m not sure what first came to mind when you read the title, but if you know me and you know I like to drink, then it is fair to say you might be thinking this post will be… Continue Reading →

My New Love!

I know I’ve only been married six months and two days, but I have to say, yesterday a new love, a new man entered my life!  Sorry Matty!  You know I still love you, but come on… I’m officially an… Continue Reading →

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