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Annie’s Pontoon!

5 out of 6 girlies in the group are now thirty!  To celebrate the latest one’s dirty thirty, we went on a pontoon!  Yes, a pontoon!   The very one who uses a life vest and rarely goes to the… Continue Reading →

He’s One Already!

Exactly one year ago, the littlest man, my newest love, entered my life and it was one of the greatest moments ever!  My sister officially became a mommy and I was upgraded to Aunty status!  How cool is that.  Super Cool!… Continue Reading →


09.24.14 – A BIG day in Mathy history! Maybe it does not trump the day I married my best friend on 4.20.13.  But, it does come pretty close to being a HUGE stepping stone for us.  After all the ups… Continue Reading →

Back to Back Weddings

Well that was a first ever!  A wedding Friday night and a wedding Saturday – back to back weddings!!!! Friday 07-18-14 – Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Obara! Unfortunately we missed the ceremony since we could not get off of work,… Continue Reading →

Mama Kris’s Epic 30th!

I may be  one of the smallest in our group of friends, but yet I am the oldest!  Born in January, I get the honor of turning older before everyone else (lucky them!).  Thankfully, I don’t have to wait too… Continue Reading →

4th of July Recap!

Fourth of July Weekend – it was that epic that I need to do a recap! I get so excited when I finally have a day off! This year the Fourth of July holiday landed on a Friday. OMG OMG… Continue Reading →

Another one bites the dust!

There are 5 awesome girlies in my OG highschool group of friends!  Established in 1998, we are individually kooky and when you put us together, we are out of this universe crazy!  They’re really a great group of friends and… Continue Reading →

L & A Wedding 05.17.14

The two lovebirds, Lauren and Alan, have been together since 2001!  They’ve been on the same long road that Matt and I were on!  A road that albeit very long, is without a doubt worth every second.  And yes, while… Continue Reading →

And They Lived Happily Ever After…

The Dalai Lama knows best and he says, “once a year, travel someplace you never been before.” With that being said, this year we had the opportunity to travel to the “Happiest Place in the World!” for our best friend’s… Continue Reading →

Birthday Girl Eats!

01.14.2014 – 30 years in the making!  When my birthday rolls around, I definitely don’t look forward to getting another year older, but I most certainly anticipate yummy birthday foods!  Here’s what the birthday girl devoured on her BIG 3-0!… Continue Reading →

2014 Adventures Begin!

It is only ten days into 2014 and already there are new excitements brewing! In my most recent post, I wrote about the Honolulu Marathon!  Perhaps right after finishing a 26.2 mile race, you won’t want to jump back on… Continue Reading →

Surprise 60th Party!

If you didn’t already know, my dad is a twin.  Him and his brother celebrated their 60th birthday on Wednesday October 16th!  According to Japanese belief, there are certain years that are “unlucky years” for men and women.  On those… Continue Reading →

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